Moist Muffins ready in Minutes

At the beginning of last week I still felt like I was dragging my butt a bit, not as much as the previous week but I didn’t have the high energy I normally enjoy. I decided to contemplate my lifestyle and see where else it might be out of balance.  I rearranged my schedule a bit last to make time for myself.In this quiet “me” time I realised that I was tired simply because, it’s been a long year, with some massive change, lots of hard work and lots of training.  I could do everything right and I would still be tired. Like most years there have been some real highs and some incredible disappointments. I’ve faced some of the greatest stressors you can face and also had a fantastic year building my relathsionship with Tom. In the end I realised I could drink more water, sleep more but what I really needed was some time off. So with that in mind, I look forward to having a quiet Christmas with family.

It’s so important to find time to be alone, with your thoughts and doing things that you love. The mind needs rest too; it’s constantly receiving input and at times just needs to be still. I practice yoga and meditation in my home and studio, but also meditate by walking quietly or by running. There is not right or wrong way to meditate, I think in the end it’s the results of your meditation style that matters. What quiets YOUR mind? What gives you time to contemplate and ultimately to listen to the whispers from within? I lot of people tell me that they can’t quiet their mind and don’t meditate but when I ask them a few probing questions they realise that they do find stillness, sometimes it’s while walking their dog or cycling. There is a concept that we must sit in silence to find quiet but this is not true.

rumi quotec

This past weekend Tom and I went to Magnetewan to visit his father. His father lives on Old Man’s lake and has a beautiful lot overlooking the water. Sunday morning I decided to run by myself, I was sore and physically tired from the week’s workouts so really had to talk myself into running. I used a playlist on my phone to help get me out the door, but after about 5 minutes the noise from the music was irritating so I shut it off and ran for about 45 minutes in the silence, just listening to my breath, my footfall and the sound of birds. I ran by farms and horses and wooded areas, and felt the energy of my surroundings carry me. I briefly went off road to investigate a trail but found it really wasn’t a trail. I stopped and took a picture of the trees because they were so beautiful. I ran slow took a few walk breaks and felt the transformative power of the silence engulf me. I was grateful for the time alone.magnetwan


Silence is all around us, we do have the time, silence can be in those moments were we are waiting for appointments, the early hours of the day, the stillness of the night. We can take a few moments of silence on our lunches and take quiet meditative walks.

I made the muffins in the recipe below and they were great, moist just like the author says and very dense. They were super easy; I skipped the chocolate chips but did add raw cocoa nibs. Raw cocoa nibs are not tasty, so don’t add them if you are not familiar with their taste. They sweetened up in the baking process due to the banana’s and maple syrup.

As this was a new recipe and I’m never sure how untried recipes will work out , I bought the coconut flour at the Bulk Barn in Oshawa, it was on special last week and I purchased only enough for this recipe. The flour cost me  84 cents, the almond butter about the same, so overall this was an inexpensive recipe, because I purchased only what I needed, rather than buying a bag of coconut butter and a jar of almond butter. I also buy my maple syrup at Winner’s it’s about 6 dollars a bottle compared to 8 or 9 dollars (or more) in grocery stores. Winners has a little food section usually at the back of the store which has some pretty healthy items in it.

Healthy Four Ingredient Banana Bread Muffins


Embrace those brown bananas with this delicious, healthy four ingredient banana bread muffins! Moist, gooey and melt in your mouth, they use one bowl and take less than 20 minutes to whip up! They are also naturally paleo, vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free!


3 cups mashed bananas

1/2 cup coconut flour, sifted

1/2 cup smooth almond butter (can sub for any nut butter)

1/2 cup pure maple syrup

Dairy free chocolate chips/chunks (optional)


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and line a 12 count cupcake/muffin tin with muffin liners and grease lightly.

In a large mixing bowl, add all the ingredients and mix until fully incorporated. Stir through chocolate chips if desired.

Pour batter into muffin liners until close to the top (they won’t rise so you won’t need to worry about overflow). Top with extra chocolate chunks and bake for 20-25 minutes, or until golden on top. Remove from oven and allow to sit until completely cool. Remove and enjoy.


Muffins may seem undercooked when taken out, but they are incredibly moist/gooey and will maintain such texture even once cooled.

Muffins can be kept at room temperature in a sealed container, however, are best refrigerated. They are also freezer friendly.

By Arman @ thebigmansworld


2 thoughts on “Moist Muffins ready in Minutes

  1. Lovely writing Sheree. Such a great reminder about listening to our inner teacher…

    I might try the muffins too. I’ll keep you posted on that one though.

    Best wishes for the season!


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