Green Beer ? or a Green Smoothie ? Happy St. Patrick’s Day !!!

Life is complex,  at any given time in your life you can be facing challenges and also be receiving uplifting news. Yesterday, when I was running I was reminded that running often parallels life. I Iove running. Some days it’s easy and I feel amazing the whole time, other days I have to push myself, but I never regret a run and even if it was a “hard” run, I am always glad that I did it.

Yesterday I ran 10k on a route that took me out of the city and into the country side, it’s a hilly route, for those of you local,  I ran up Ashburn hill to Brawely Road, then east along Brawely Road to Duff’s Road. Once Duff’s road meets Hywy 12,  it is all down hill to my home, easy breezy. The hills were long and some steep but I relished running them because at the top of a hill is the place where you have the best view. So pushing yourself a bit takes you to the place where you can see for miles, sometimes at the top of the first hill you can see the next hill. I love hills, I love running up them then careening down them like a kid. Yesterday I put on some fast paced music  to help motivate my  hilly run. At the top of the last hill I stopped and looked back and saw how far I had run. It was a long stretch of hilly road. I took a picture because seeing how far you have come is such a great spiritual concept. We often focus on how far we have to go rather than looking back and saying wow, look how far we have come.


(Looking back along Brawley Road)


So running as a metaphor for life; becomes the flat easy times, the hilly times, the fast exciting down hill times, the peaks where you see the beauty of your surroundings and sometimes the dread of the next hill, and the need to play some great music to support your run. Each and every run becomes a good run because I am able to run, it’s something I love and at the end of the day I thank the universe for the day, no matter what has happened. Each day is a gift, no matter what is happening in your life, if you are alive you have the chance to change it, live through it, find the lessons and be happy.

As I write this I am grateful for my life lessons, I have learned a lot about myself lately and with this has come a new freedom. I am hoping not to repeat past mistakes because of this new understanding of myself. While I deal with a great deal of personal stress, I have also been chosen to instruct  a workshop at the Toronto New Thought Conference, which I am really excited about. This year has been wonderful for my career, I had an article published in the Globe and Mail, I read one of my pieces at the NEDIC spoken word event and in June I will be teaching a workshop on Finding Incredible Stillness in Your Busy  Life.

New thought


Yet, while I have had an exciting year, I have worked hard for it, I have put myself out there, I applied to be a speaker, I sent samples of my writing to the Globe and Mail. I was nervous, and I little hesitant, but I pushed past my fears and did it anyways. I always encourage my students to do the same.In the end the worst thing that could happen is that they say no. No is okay too, they used to teach us in sales that each no was getting us closer to the next yes. Never be afraid of the word no, it has no power.

I almost forgot to  mention I was interviewed for the pilot of a new television show called Profiles of Business Excellence. I am waiting to hear if I have been chosen to be in an episode.

And finally, I am dating again, I have a boyfriend, his name is Tom and I am enjoying our relationship. I was nervous at first, it had been a long time for me, and my grief has been all-encompassing. But his calm persistence in asking me out, paid off. From our first “coffee date” to our second date, a trip to the dump in Oshawa, followed by dinner, I was hooked on his easy smile and really simple life philosophy. He is hard-working , honest and has great self-respect. He likes me too, which is fun, and he can handle my quirky sense of humour.


Today is St. Patrick’s Day, I am not Irish (even with the red hair), but I wish all who are a happy St. Paddy’s day.

Here is an amazing Green Smoothie recipe that will have you feeling better in the morning that a few pints of green beer. This one comes from the Oh She Glows Blog.

Back on Track Green Monster (Banana Free)

Yield: 3 cups


  • 1 cup kale
  • 1 large Gala apple (or other sweet apple), roughly chopped
  • 1 English cucumber, peeled and roughly chopped
  • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tsp fresh grated ginger
  • 1/2 tbsp coconut oil
  • Maple syrup, to taste (I used 1/2 tbsp or so)
  • 4-5 Ice cubes
  • Protein powder, optional

1. Place all ingredients except maple syrup and ice into a high-speed blender and blend on high until very smooth. Blend in ice and maple syrup to taste.

2. Guzzle.

3. Feel amazing.

Read more:


Thank you universe for the sun today, as it shines in my windows I feel it’s power to create energy and hope.

With Love,

Sheree xo


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